Analysis of nucleic acids:

  • DNA: genomic, mitochondrial, plasmid
  • total RNA and microRNA


  • human, animal (tissues, cell cultures, blood, urine, buccal swabs, paraffin-fixed tissues, exosomes, etc.)
  • plant

Examples of services:

DNA analysis

  • study of mutations and polymorphisms in genetic diseases
  • study of ethanol and animal DNA presence in food, cosmetics, packaging etc. (Halal)
  • identification of microorganisms in human material
  • identification of microorganisms in the air, water and soil
  • identification of microorganisms in food microbiology (e.g. identification of bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, etc.)
  • study of changes in telomere length in disease processes and aging of organisms
  • detection of infectious agents in veterinary medicine
  • determination of an animal genotype in terms of genetic diseases
  • identification of the composition of the food products and detection of GMOs in food
  • sex determination in birds
  • determination of the genotype in terms of phenotypic features (coat color, hair length)

RNA analysis

  • studies of disease-related changes in gene expression
  • monitoring of the course of treatment
  • studies of the influence of chemical and physical factors on experimental animals and cell cultures
  • influence of tested substances on the expression of selected genes (cosmetology, dietetics)


  • ddPCR (droplet digital PCR)
  • real-time PCR (real-time PCR, qPCR)
  • PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
  • RT-PCR (reverse transcription)
  • genotyping
  • RNA expression analysis – mRNA (messenger RNA), miRNA (micro-RNA) and lncRNA (long non-coding RNA)

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